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Kea: the world’s only mountain parrot

There are only a few thousand wild kea alive today. The species face challenges from persecution and predation. The kea is a Nationally Endangered species.

About the Species
Kea are a unique and intelligent parrot species endemic to the Southern Alps of New Zealand. They are one of three parrot species which evolved in isolation over millions of years, playing an important role as alpine seed distributors and ‘cleaners’ and are highly valued as one of the most intelligent bird species in the world.

Current conservation work is led by Kea Conservation Trust.

NZ Parrot Trust Support
The NZ Parrot Trust is aiding the Kea Conservation Trust by providing funding to the organisation. To date the NZ Parrot Trust has supplied $5,000 to aid the purchase of lead testing kits, to help monitor the high levels of lead in the wild population.

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