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Aiding the conservation of parrots in New Zealand and the South Pacific

The NZ Parrot Trust is a registered charity in New Zealand. The charity is backed by The World Parrot Trust, a leading global charity focused on the conversation of parrots in the wild. The World Parrot Trust has over 25 active projects across the globe, from re-introducing macaws in Costa Rica, to stopping the wild bird trade in Indonesia.

The NZ Parrot Trust was setup to continue the work of the World Parrot Trust in New Zealand and the South Pacific. The charity will focus on aiding the conservation of threatened and endangered parrot species. This will be done through a mix of direct project involvement, such as re-introduction of Cyanoramphus into “mainland islands” as well as providing grants, funding and support to existing NZ based charities already working on the conversation of parrots, such as the Kea Conservation Project and the Kakapo recovery program.