our experts

Steve Milpacher

Steve has helped to facilitate the development of online educational resources which are now utilized in over 15,000 schools and universities around the world. Steve joined the World Parrot Trust as their Director of Business Development in 2007, and later became the Director of Operations. He presents frequently at international conferences and has written numerous articles for publication in magazines and journals. In his spare time, Steve is an enthusiastic wildlife photographer whose pictures have been published in magazines, books and calendars.

Dr Luis Ortiz-Catedral (Ph.D.)

Luis is a Lecturer of Environmental Science/Ecology at Massey University. Luis’ research encompasses a range of topics in Conservation Biology including the taxonomy and conservation of New World monocotyledons; reproductive biology and management of threatened island birds; management of disease risk in small avian populations and the development of survey methods for threatened island vertebrates such as parrots and land iguanas.

Dr James Gilardi (Ph.D.)

Jamie is a conservation biologist specializing in behavioral and physiological ecology with special focus on tropical forest birds and marine vertebrates. He has studied wild parrots and other birds for more than 25 years, authoring a number of papers on ecology and parrots in the wild bird trade. He first did undergraduate studies where he researched the roles of juvenile mortality, nest defense, and parent-offspring conflict in the evolution of predatory bird reversed-size sexual dimorphism at the University of Washington and UC Santa Cruz. He then earned a Ph.D. in Ecology from UC Davis in parrot social behavior, foraging ecology, and soil eating in South-eastern Peru.